Posted on: 30. Dezember 2023
#Idles #Coldplay #Lip Sync #AI #Musicvideo IDLES - GRACE (Official Video), 2024

The musicvideo started with a dream by frontman Joe Talbot, – AI made it possible. With the approval and assistance of Chris Martin, training the AI and make sure his vocal performance in the video looked as real as possible.

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— so far the most surprising and beautiful AI video, I've seen! Coldplay - Yellow (Official Video), 2000

Which one do you prefer? — I was quite confused when I first saw the IDLES video. What is Coldplay frontman Joe Talbot doing here on the IDLES video? Who is who? Who is singing? If you compare the two videos side by side it is much more obvious that AI is playing around here. — Still, it is a very nice shift.

Talking about lip-synching: It reminds me of Gillian Wearing's video 2 into 1 from 1997. In the Video twin 11 year old boys are asked to talk about their mother and she about them. Each then lip-synchs the words of the other. It is a very intriguing and disturbing video. – In the future, with AI technology, we will put words into any mouth we want. No matter who's talking.

Anyway, — listen to the IDLES new album! TANGK!