Posted on: 23. Oktober 2017
#Traiker #Kunsthalle Basel #Exposed Exhibitions

Exposed Exhibitions – Fotoarchiv der Kunsthalle Basel (22.9.–12.11.2017)

The photo archive of Kunsthalle Basel testifies to more than 100 years of exhibition-making at the institution through nearly 25,000 photographs, a selection of which is exposed to the light again. With their new artworks, Cécile Hummel, Esther Hunziker, Doris Lasch & Astrid Seme, Raoul Müller, and Werner von Mutzenbecher reflect on the complexity of the archive and the institution’s long history of exhibiting the now.

The show is curated by Sören Schmeling, head of Kunsthalle Basel’s photo archive, with the assistance of Mara Berger.

Video by 6th Finger Studios